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Don’t ignore it!


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The neck and décolleté (chest area) are often ignored when it comes to an at-home regimen. In fact, I have seen certain spa/skin care facilities only treat the face as well. We expose our neck and décolleté to the same elements we expose our facial skin to so make sure and do the following: Cleanse. If […]

100% Pure


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I get asked about organic and natural product lines all the time. I found a brand I really like that uses mostly organic and what you would call natural ingredients. 100% Pure is a face and body line using many plant based ingredients and does not contain parabens, sulfates, or fragrance. So far I have […]

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I am a huge fan of being tan and not so huge a fan of wrinkles and skin cancer. I have had to come up with ways to get a bronzy skin without spending hours under the sun and have tried a lot of the products on the market. I have to say there is […]

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It has been one year today since I started sharing my love for beauty and skin care with you! If there are any topics you would like me to discuss, feel free to leave a comment! I look forward to many more! xx, I heart skin care

Sleep Much?


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Well, if you’re a new mom like me, then the answer is most likely no. However, we are not the only ones lacking sleep. I hear it from so many of my friends and family too. There are plenty of reasons to get good sleep, but not many realize these benefits also contribute to healthy […]

The Art of the Bath


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In the spa industry one of the fundamental treatments is the bath. In fact SPA is centered around taking in the healing benefits of water. The history of bathing for medicinal purposes, social gathering and peace of mind has been around since the Greek and the Roman days. These days we take baths to cleanse […]

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If you are experiencing extremely dry hands, there is a great hand cream I love. My hands literally crack with dryness due to excessive washing combined with my dry skin. It feels like I am living in the Sahara Desert at times. I love the Eucerin Intensive Hand Repair Cream, it is rich and super […]



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   Watching Charlie Sheen this past week on every TV channel I noticed his chain smoking. Got me thinking about the havoc cigarette smoking has on the skin. Visibly you can see the obvious markers of a long term smoker in the face: heavier wrinkles, thin lips and deep lines around the eyes.  At […]

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  When recommending products for my clients they usually ask me how much they should use. I think it is a common misperception that more is always better and that is rarely true when applying product to your face. This is a simple guide to reference for most products, of course read the labels on […]

Champagne taste?


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There is an amazing new week day special at the Resort at Pelican Hill Spa. If you are thinking about getting a facial or massage this is the place to go. During the week you can receive treatments starting at $90.00 for 50 minutes; this is an incredible deal considering this is a five star […]