Happy New Year!!

Here are a few New Years resolution ideas for better skin in 2011. Cheers to healthy skin!

  1. Wash your face every night before bed –Yes, even on New Years eve after you have been out late partying, no, especially then! Heavy make-up and dirt on your skin will prematurely age you and cause break-outs.
  2. Wear sunscreen every day– I can hear you now, “but I don’t need it when I work indoors all day”. Just do it! You get much more sun than you think.
  3. Get more sleep – I never realized how much lack of sleep could affect my skin until the birth of my son. A solid 8 hours is good for you in so many ways, even your skin.
  4. Exfoliate weekly– We all fall off the bandwagon when it comes to regular exfoliation. Try buying a new product to get excited again, and then you will remember what exfoliated skin feels like. Just keep it up.
  5. Smile more– You can see less wrinkles when you are not frowning! After all it is a new year, enjoy!

‘Tis the Season


I know I seem a bit obsessed with ways to keep clean and disinfected lately but it is flu season after all! I found an organic hand sanitizing spray that I love and it contains Peppermint so it is perfect for the holiday season. It comes in a small travel size so you can keep it in your purse (perfect for my diaper bag) and use it after touching those dirty escalator rails and bathroom doors at the malls. Happy shopping!

EO hand sanitizing spray with organic Pepppermint


Just in time for the holidays I wanted to talk about the YOUTH ACCELERATOR pumpkin enzyme peel. I love anything pumpkin (I am baking a pumpkin pie from scratch as I type) and this peel smells exactly like pumpkin!

It is a super concentrated and effective peel removing dead skin and leaving skin vibrant. The peel uses three different types of pumpkin and essential oils and is free of preservatives and fragrance.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Cool as Cucumber

Because this is the first post as a new mom it is going to be all about convenience! One of the products I brought to the hospital was cleansing Facial Towelettes by Yes to Cucumber. These are great for travel, the gym or when you are feeling too lazy and tired to wash your face!


  • Dermatologically & Opthalmologically Tested
  • Oil-free, and Hypoallergenic
  • Great for Sensitive Skin
  • Yummy Smell

They are avaibable at Target and are only $5.99. I love how quickly it removes dirt and make-up, now only if I could remove my baby weight as easy…

For the Fellas’


Many men have jumped on the skin care bandwagon and are completely savvy with their skin care regimens. Many more men, however, have not. Below are a few helpful hints for men (and the ladies who love them) who think it’s time to incorporate a few products into their medicine cabinet.  After all, you are noticing the fine lines and breakouts and it’s time for a change.

Below are a few habits that contribute to the most common skin conditions I see with my male clientele: dehydration, black heads and sensitivity:

  • Bar Soap. Not only should you not use this on your face but it’s not good for the skin on your body either. Time to toss out the Costco 24 pack of Zest Soap (I had to do this for my husband when we first met and his skin is much better for it).
  • Not Wearing Sunscreen. Most of my male clients tell me they do not use sunscreen, this will age you faster than anything else so make it part of your daily routine.
  • Heavily Fragranced Shaving Creams. If the skin on your face is feeling dry and irritated check out the shaving cream you are using. It may be full of alcohol which is drying. After shaving your face, apply a lightweight lotion good for sensitivity since shaving will put your skin in a sensitized state.


When looking to purchase products for your skin, keep it simple. Use products that contain 2 in 1 features to save on time such as:

A light moisturizer with a SPF for day time use

Cleanser with Exfoliating Properties

Go get a facial! I’ve never met a man who didn’t love a facial treatment, it’s relaxing, pampering and you will love the results. You can talk to your skin care therapist and find out what your skin type is and for a simple routine that you will have time for on a daily basis.

Try the Clarisonic Brush-it is waterproof so you can cleanse your skin right in the shower. This will help prep your skin for shaving as well.

Men, I have more tips and products coming your way so stay tuned…

So Fresh and So Clean

I discovered Herban Essentials towelettes a few years back when I was working in Los Angeles. My commute was several hours a day and complete torture. I found myself in a small apothecary that sold these hand wipes and was looking to treat myself to a more spa-like way to sanitize my hands after pumping gas (which I did quite often). I first purchased the Lemon flavor and was amazed with how uplifting the scent was. After wiping my hands I wiped down the steering wheel because I could not get enough of the fresh scent.  I even smiled a little even though I was on the 405 freeway at 5:00 pm.


The individually wrapped moist towelettes contain high quality essential oils and are combined with antibacterial properties. Each flavor is delightful; my favorites are the Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. They are designed to be used on the hands but they have a hundred different ways in which they can be used (check out website: http://www.herbanessentials.com/welcome). Because they are a little pricy I try to get the most out of every towelette- I would even put the wipe on the A.C. vent so I could keep the aroma flowing in the car. Try the mini pack which contains a variety of all of the towelettes available in one package before you commit!



When looking for an eye crème/gel ask yourself what is your main concern around the eye area? Are you dehydrated and suffering from puffiness or do you have fine lines? Make sure you ask what the benefits are; many eye crèmes have multiple functions so you do not have to buy multiple eye crèmes. Texture is also important; do you prefer a thicker crème or a lightweight gel? There is an eye crème for every budget, find what works for you.

Now that you have your eye product I have listed simple tips to guide you through how you should use it!

  • Use a pea sized amount of product for both eyes-This is an instance where more is not better. This area is prone to clogging so you want to apply the recommended amount. The more you use the faster the results? Sorry, not quite! Whatever product is left you can apply to lip area where we also get fine lines.
  • Apply product with your ring finger-Because the eye area is the most delicate area on the face being rough with application is not a good idea. We apply with our ring finger because it has a lighter touch and also use a patting motion to help penetrate the product-no rubbing please!
  • Dot, dot, dot-When using your eye cream circle the entire ocular bone. Fine lines and dehydration happen all around the eye area, not just under the eye. Gently pat the eye area in a circle feeling the bone as your guide. The eye area will pull the product it needs with heat and leaves the rest so do not worry about getting too close. That can lead to clogging (see point #1) As a general rule of thumb do not apply to the eye lid.
  • Put eye crème in the refrigerator-Just a fun tip. Cooling for hot summer days, and helps relive tired, puffy eyes. (Great for late nights out!)

Facial 101

Let’s get back to skin care basics! I know that skin care treatments are the first luxury to go for many when on a tight budget. I have created a simple regimen for an at home spa experience…don’t forget the candles and spa music! Follow these simple steps for an at home facial:

1. Cleanse your skin. Most important step in the process! One thing most people do not realize is that they need to wash their skin for 30 seconds to one minute to really remove impurities. *Use your Clarisonic Brush if you have it.

2. Tone. Take your cotton pads soaked in toner and apply to skin (when I mention the skin I am referring to the face, neck and décolleté.) I love a toner that has a nice pump so you can mist your face as well as onto the cotton pads- very spa!

3. Exfoliate. Choose a product appropriate for your skin and use it as directed. This is great for removing dead skin and getting the glow back. After removing the product, try misting the toner again if it is a gentle and hydrating toner.

4. Mask. The product you choose for this step is truly based on what type of skin you have. A dry skin will apply a nourishing and hydrating mask while an oily skin will apply an oil absorbing and acne fighting product such as a clay based mask. This step usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes (a good time to ask a loved one for a foot massage!).

5. Finishing Products. When applying creams and serums a great rule of thumb is apply in order of lightest weight to heaviest. I would start with your lightweight serums and eye creams, to the moisturizer.

Enjoy taking the time to relax. You will be so happy you did and your skin will thank you!

I ♥ NY


During my latest trip to the big city I visited one of my favorite beauty apothecaries, Space NK-Soho location. I experienced the Elemental Facial (1 hour 15 minutes) using the Elemental Herbology product line which is exclusive to Space NK in the United States.

My skin felt amazing after the facial, deeply cleansed and hydrated. Leah my therapist, used steam with a gentle peel followed by extractions and my favorite part: an artful facial massage using ice cold stones. Pure bliss!

Leah recommended the Biodynamic Facial Soufflé for me, an intensely hydrating and repairing mask. It is based on naturally derived botanicals, free of fragrance and color and is paraben free. I applied it before my flight home to avoid dehydration (along with 6 water bottles on the flight!)


After my treatment we had dinner plans straight after and I was able to have make-up artist Merrell touch up my make-up (more to come on my favorite color products). I loved my experience, especially the skilled and friendly staff. Space NK has the hard to find skin care brands and even a section dedicated to more of a natural concept. I will definitely be back next time I visit. 


Up in the Air

Our skin is drastically affected by the conditions of the cabin air as we fly. The low humidity, recycled air and the stress of it all makes us look and feel less than magnificent. A few of the common complaints include itchy eyes, dry and flakey skin, and aggravated sinuses. I have listed a few simple steps to help you look as fresh after a flight as you did before you stepped on the plane:

1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

 It is super important to drink plenty of water. Because of the very nature of the plane cabin environment it is extremely dehydrating to the body and of course- the skin. Also, avoid any beverage that will add to dehydration (alcohol, soda).

2. Use sunscreen!

Sun protection is a must when flying; think about how much more vulnerable we are to UV damage at 35,000 feet! If you are sitting at the window seat, pull down the shade.

3. Apply a product with Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to bind moisture to the skin and help maintain the moisture level in the skin. It is a super hydrating ingredient with protective qualities.  Try Hydrating B5 Gel by SkinCeuticals. It also contains B5 vitamin which helps with a smoother complexion. http://www.skinceuticals.com