Sleep Much?

Well, if you’re a new mom like me, then the answer is most likely no. However, we are not the only ones lacking sleep. I hear it from so many of my friends and family too.

There are plenty of reasons to get good sleep, but not many realize these benefits also contribute to healthy skin. Ever heard the term beauty sleep? This is actually totally accurate; the body including the skin does its repairing at night during deep sleep or REM. At the REM stage, a hormone called the Human Growth Hormone is released which helps maintain and repair cellular tissue. Daily and long term damage is repaired, which is why we put potent regenerating ingredients in night creams.

Just from personal experience, when I do not sleep my wrinkles look a little bit more pronounced, my skin is puffier, and  I just look a little…old! A lack of sleep can also hinder proper metabolic functioning (having trouble losing weight?) and quite frankly can accelerate the aging process. Yikes!

So try and make an effort to call it a night at a decent hour and get your zzz’s. It can make a world of difference not only on your skin but with your entire well being. Now get to bed!

Champagne taste?

There is an amazing new week day special at the Resort at Pelican Hill Spa. If you are thinking about getting a facial or massage this is the place to go. During the week you can receive treatments starting at $90.00 for 50 minutes; this is an incredible deal considering this is a five star spa with some of the best therapists in the industry. There is a beautiful full service salon and a spa boutique.

I recently went to the spa for a 50 minute massage; we arrived early to use the amenities and made a day of it. Valet is free, you can use the fitness area, trust me I can go on and on! Check out the specials and the website for more details.

Pelican Hill Mid-Week Specials

Work it Baby!

There are a few things to consider whilst at the gym when it comes to your skin. It is something I am very conscience of so that I make sure the only thing I am leaving the gym with is firmer thighs and not a skin disease.

Always wipe down your equipment. Let’s face it; the people working in the gym can not possibly clean each machine every time someone gets off. There is nothing more disgusting than sitting in a pool of someone else’s sweat. Sit down on your towel, try to touch the equipment as little as possible and wear work-out gloves.

Use an antibacterial spray on your hands when you can’t make it to the sink. I love the Visionary Cleanser by Spa Ritual, it smells great, is paraben-free and you can even spray it on your yoga mat.

Never walk barefoot in the gym. I know what you are thinking-Duh Jessica. Well, I see people in the locker room doing it all the time, especially in the showers. Great way to contract fungus on your feet!

Another complaint I hear about the gym and working out in general is break-outs.

• Skip the foundation make-up. I know this may be a challenge for those of you who go to the gym for social hour because you want to look your best. If you are really going to sweat it up, the worst thing for pore blockage is a foundation or powder all over your face. Just try using mascara and lip gloss and you can get the rosy glow after an hour of spin class!

• Tone your skin. Throw your favorite toner in your gym bag and wipe down at least until you can get home and shower properly. This will help prevent clogged pores as well. (No touching your face with your hands either!)

• Sun Protection if working out outdoors. This is a given and no explanation required. Wear your hat; it’s easy to sweat off any SPF even if it says water/sweat resistance.

Now go have fun up in the gym working on your fitness.

It’s like Butta


I am always on the lookout for a great hand lotion, especially one that is a good price considering how quickly I go through a bottle.

I love the JASON Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion; it is deeply moisturizing but not greasy and has a pleasant smell. Along with Cocoa Butter it also contains Sunflower Oil and Chamomile Extract, all amazing for treating dry skin. It is more of a “natural” product as they use naturally derived ingredients, is 70% organic and it does not contain parabens.

Because Cocoa Butter has been claimed to help prevent stretch marks you can bet I have been I slathering this product all over my belly for the last eight months! Nice bonus!

The lotion can be purchased at natural health stores such as Mother’s Market or online:

Who you gonna call?



We all know the benefits of massage are practically endless. One of the most important times to nurture yourself with the gift of massage is during pregnancy. I recently experienced a prenatal massage at Stressbusters Lifestyle Day Spa and was very impressed with the staff’s level of knowledge. 50% of the clientele are pregnant women and it is the only day spa Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach recommends for pregnancy massage. I felt very safe knowing that my massage therapist has advanced certifications and a ton of experience.


What I did not know was the benefit of massage after delivery and for the condition called Diastasis Recit (click on link to read further). What a great excuse to continue the pampering!


With all of the discomfort that can be associated with pregnancy, (back and leg cramps, swelling, sleepless nights), massage is a safe and effective method of alleviating some of those symptoms. I am already looking forward to my next visit.