Pucker Potion

One skin care problem I see more than any other in the treatment room is dry lips. It is uncomfortable and really unattractive! I always recommend applying a highly moisturizing lip product throughout the day; you can not over apply in this instance so go to town.

I found a lip gloss that I love: By Terry Lip-Expert. It is a high shine gloss and also great when you want more than just a pretty color. It contains micro-peptides (making it a great lip plumper) and terrific moisturizing ingredients. Although high shine, it is not sticky and the tube applicator makes it easy to apply.

This is a great product when you want a beautiful shine, plump lips and plenty of moisture. Try ‘Freaky Pink’ for a fun summer color.

I See the Light!


I could write all day long about the science behind LED skin therapy. My goal here is to explain the key benefits and why I love and recommend “light” therapy for most every skin type out there. There are many different brands of LED in spa land today; certain brands are far superior to others. Omnilux, by Photo Therapeutics out of the UK is the piece of equipment I will be referring to here. I have seen the results first hand and they have the scientific data to back up their claims.

There are many different colors used in LED therapy but the two most popular and effective are red and blue. Generally speaking, the red light is used for aging concerns and the blue light is used for acne.

Red Light:
Boosts collagen
Minimizes pore size
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Skin feels softer, smoother

Blue Light:
Treats Acne
Reduce the acne-causing bacteria in skin
Reducing Inflammation

Advantages to other treatments on the market:
Non-Invasive and safe
No down time
Non-thermal-(skin is not sun sensitive after the treatment, the opposite happens and cells are actually more protected.)
Great as a combination therapy with other treatments
It works!

Be prepared for an extremely bright light! Just relax and pretend you are sitting on a beach somewhere exotic (that’s what I do!) and relax. Visit the Omnilux website for before and after photos and call to find a clinic near you.

Avène Thermal Spring Water


Since I have a small obsession with misting hydrating skin care products on my skin, I am always on the lookout for a good one. I have a spray toner at my desk so I can mist throughout the day, cool myself off when it gets hot and I never get on a plane without a mini spritzer in my bag.

One of my new favorites is Avène Thermal Spring Water. The Avène skin care line from France is targeted for sensitive skin types. The key ingredient is the thermal spring water from France’s Cevennes Mountains and is considered a fountain of youth.

The Thermal Spring Water can be used in the following ways:

  • After cleansing
  • After shaving/after waxing
  • After exercise 
  • During travel
  • Sunburn, burn
  • Diaper rash 
  • To set makeup

Also great for:

  • Post surgery 
  • Redness-prone skin / inflammation 
  • Keratosis-prone, scaly skin
  • Eczema / atopic dermatitis
  • Allergic reactions / sensitive skin / irritation 
  • Burning / stinging / itching / tingling

Burn Baby Burn


The UV index represents the amount of UV radiation that reaches the ground and ultimately puts us at risk. * See table below* This weekend in southern California we are at a UV index number of 12! Meaning, this weekend we have an extreme risk for over exposure to UV radiation. At this extreme level it will only take four minutes to get sunburned! Even if the temperature is not too high or it is cloudy, this risk to exposure still applies.


According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, you should try to avoid sun exposure mid day, wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen. To find out what the UV index number in your area is visit the EPA’s website:  http://www.epa.gov/sunwise/uvindex.html

Happy 4th of July!

With a three day weekend and plenty of sun forecasted, most of us are planning to have fun in the sun.

Don’t forget:

Wear your sunscreen-Apply ½ hour before you go out and don’t forget to re-apply after swimming.

Drink lots of water-Especially if alcohol is involved (and I am assuming it is!)

Wear a hat-it helps protect you from the sun and you won’t have to worry about your hair!

Have a great holiday and don’t forget to take care of your skin!



When looking for an eye crème/gel ask yourself what is your main concern around the eye area? Are you dehydrated and suffering from puffiness or do you have fine lines? Make sure you ask what the benefits are; many eye crèmes have multiple functions so you do not have to buy multiple eye crèmes. Texture is also important; do you prefer a thicker crème or a lightweight gel? There is an eye crème for every budget, find what works for you.

Now that you have your eye product I have listed simple tips to guide you through how you should use it!

  • Use a pea sized amount of product for both eyes-This is an instance where more is not better. This area is prone to clogging so you want to apply the recommended amount. The more you use the faster the results? Sorry, not quite! Whatever product is left you can apply to lip area where we also get fine lines.
  • Apply product with your ring finger-Because the eye area is the most delicate area on the face being rough with application is not a good idea. We apply with our ring finger because it has a lighter touch and also use a patting motion to help penetrate the product-no rubbing please!
  • Dot, dot, dot-When using your eye cream circle the entire ocular bone. Fine lines and dehydration happen all around the eye area, not just under the eye. Gently pat the eye area in a circle feeling the bone as your guide. The eye area will pull the product it needs with heat and leaves the rest so do not worry about getting too close. That can lead to clogging (see point #1) As a general rule of thumb do not apply to the eye lid.
  • Put eye crème in the refrigerator-Just a fun tip. Cooling for hot summer days, and helps relive tired, puffy eyes. (Great for late nights out!)

Favorite Exfoliators


I have recently been asked what my favorite exfoliating products are. These three products are all effective and fast acting. No matter what you use, make sure you choose a product designed for your skin type/condition and remember not to over do it (You know who you are!).

Let’s talk about why we exfoliate:

  • Removes excess sebum (oil) on the skin.
  • Helps impurities rise to the skins surface
  • Sloughs off dead skin cells on top layer of skin
  • Allows skin care products to penetrate

 The three products I have chosen can all be used in three minutes and under, plus they deliver terrific results.

 ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment-Kate Somerville

 Amazing for acne, pigmentation, dehydration, combination/oily skin types (not for sensitive skin). You can really feel this product working. This fast acting exfoliation scrubs on a physical and chemical level. Expect to see redness and also feel a smoother complexion in no time at all. (Don’t forget to remove ExfoliKate while watching your favorite show on T.V.- the product continues to work until it is removed!)


Daily Microfoliant– Dermalogica

 I love this product for my sensitive skin clients, it is so gentle. Great for people who like to abuse their skin with constant over exfoliation-you can go to town with this scrub and not do any damage. It brightens, helps with redness and achieves a beautiful glow.


 At-Home Peel Pads– Kerstin Florian

Great for a dry or dehydrated skin type especially with aging concerns. This is based on a multi acid system that even contains added vitamins and peptides used to retexture dull skin. One time peel pad makes exfoliation simple and fun to use.

Facial 101

Let’s get back to skin care basics! I know that skin care treatments are the first luxury to go for many when on a tight budget. I have created a simple regimen for an at home spa experience…don’t forget the candles and spa music! Follow these simple steps for an at home facial:

1. Cleanse your skin. Most important step in the process! One thing most people do not realize is that they need to wash their skin for 30 seconds to one minute to really remove impurities. *Use your Clarisonic Brush if you have it.

2. Tone. Take your cotton pads soaked in toner and apply to skin (when I mention the skin I am referring to the face, neck and décolleté.) I love a toner that has a nice pump so you can mist your face as well as onto the cotton pads- very spa!

3. Exfoliate. Choose a product appropriate for your skin and use it as directed. This is great for removing dead skin and getting the glow back. After removing the product, try misting the toner again if it is a gentle and hydrating toner.

4. Mask. The product you choose for this step is truly based on what type of skin you have. A dry skin will apply a nourishing and hydrating mask while an oily skin will apply an oil absorbing and acne fighting product such as a clay based mask. This step usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes (a good time to ask a loved one for a foot massage!).

5. Finishing Products. When applying creams and serums a great rule of thumb is apply in order of lightest weight to heaviest. I would start with your lightweight serums and eye creams, to the moisturizer.

Enjoy taking the time to relax. You will be so happy you did and your skin will thank you!

Who you gonna call?



We all know the benefits of massage are practically endless. One of the most important times to nurture yourself with the gift of massage is during pregnancy. I recently experienced a prenatal massage at Stressbusters Lifestyle Day Spa and was very impressed with the staff’s level of knowledge. 50% of the clientele are pregnant women and it is the only day spa Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach recommends for pregnancy massage. I felt very safe knowing that my massage therapist has advanced certifications and a ton of experience.


What I did not know was the benefit of massage after delivery and for the condition called Diastasis Recit (click on link to read further). What a great excuse to continue the pampering!


With all of the discomfort that can be associated with pregnancy, (back and leg cramps, swelling, sleepless nights), massage is a safe and effective method of alleviating some of those symptoms. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Super Sonic


When I am asked what is the one tool that can help any skin type improve, my answer is always the Clarisonic brush. This Sonic cleansing system is backed by studies that have proven it can remove six times more make-up and is also twice as effective as manual cleansing. The Clarisonic helps with congestion, dryness, oiliness, ingrown hairs and can even be used on the body.

This is what I love about the brush:

  • It can be used on every skin type-even sensitive
  • Waterproof-I keep mine in the shower so I do not forget to use it
  • Long battery life-you can use it 30 times before it has to be charged
  • The way my skin feels after I use it
  • Only takes one minute

It is a bit of an investment at $195.00 but they have released a smaller brush called Mia that is less expensive. Clarisonic was created by the inventor of Sonic Care Toothbrush and is using the same technology. Just like the toothbrush, once you use it you wonder how you ever lived without~ http://www.clarisonic.com