Original Sprout-Natural Hair Gel

Well it had to happen, my son has my hair. Thankfully although extremely curly it is also super adorable (I wish I could say the same about my curls). Now that we keep his hair a little shorter than we used to he gets a few crazy pieces that stick up and slicking it back with water like I usually do doesn’t always work anymore.

I had heard about Original Sprout brand and this was my excuse to finally try it out. The founder of this hair and skin care line decided to create a product with pure and safe ingredients after the birth of her daughter. Because this line is natural and organic and made especially for babies and up, I felt good about using it on my little guy. Original Sprout also has quite the celebrity following!

I bought the Natural Hair Gel and I love it. It is gentle, smells great and rinses out really well. I will be trying more from this line soon, I have the sun protection on my wish list. Will report back on what I try! For now here is a picture of my little guy!

Read more about Original Sprout here and let me know if you have any feedback on these great products!


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  1. The scrumptious baby lotion is amazing for both mommy and kids as is the detangler and shampoo and conditioner. The whole line smells so good! And the sun protection worked great for the whole fam in FL! Smells like candy and rubs in easily.

  2. Oh awesome, thanks Court! I can’t wait to try more of the line! Always on the look out for a good sun protection! x

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