Mini Me-Favorite Travel Goodies

Who doesn’t love those little miniture products?! They are great for travel and so darn cute. Here are a few of my favorite “minis” (all under 3 oz).

Ultra Calming Cleanser-Dermalogica

Great for calming irritated skin and hydrating (making it perfect for travel).



Moroccan Oil

Perfect if you are traveling to a humid climate this summer, I use it everyday regardless of the weather.


Evian Facial Water Spray

Great to stay hydrated all day long, refreshing and great for airline travel.

Milagro Tequila Silver

How cute is this bottle, I’m just saying. May not be a beauty item but it is perfect for travel!



Now all you need is a great bag to put it all in:


Also great for travel:

Donna Karen Deodorant

Hand Sanitizer

Facial Wipes


2 Replies to “Mini Me-Favorite Travel Goodies”

  1. The small moroccan oil is great, i definitely want to pick this up! i’m always so hesitant to try new skincare or haircare products because I don’t want to spend all that money and hate it… but somehow I always manage to forget that there are sample / travel sizes!! **adds it to wishlist** 😀

  2. I know! It’s true and it is always fun to try them out when you travel so you don’t have to pack the full size stuff!

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