3 Supplements for Skin Health

I have been pretty inconsistent with my vitamin and supplement intake over the years. Right now I am definitely working on optimizing my health and vitamins have come back into the picture. Of course price always comes into play for me and many people out there so you have to prioritize for your individual needs.

As far as skin goes, there are a few I love and personally take on a daily basis:

Omega 3/Fish Oils– The benefits of this supplement range from skin to brain function to improved mood. It is endless. This is one supplement that you should really buy a good quality capsule to see a difference. As far as skin goes, it is one of the best anti-agers helping with wrinkles and dryness.

Food Sources: Fish, flaxseed, walnuts

Vitamin D– Has been known to help with skin disorders such as acne, Rosacea and eczema. Getting enough Vitamin D (3) is hard to do just from the sun with the dangers of skin cancer these days. It is a great idea to take a supplement to ensure you receive what you need (also great for heart and brain health!).

Food Sources: Milk, cheese, fatty fish

Probiotics-Be careful if you are getting your probiotics in your yogurt. It should be organic otherwise you will be ingesting antibiotics, defeating the point. Ingesting these probiotics can help with aging skin and even acne. Not to mention all of the other benefits of taking them for overall health and immunity protection.

Food Sources: Yogurt, miso, tempeh

Our goal should be to eat as many healthy foods that contain these vitamins in our daily diet. I have added below each supplement, food sources to get the desired vitamin. However, consuming the recommended levels of each vitamin can be impossible at times which is why supplementing is such a great tool.

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