Champagne taste?

There is an amazing new week day special at the Resort at Pelican Hill Spa. If you are thinking about getting a facial or massage this is the place to go. During the week you can receive treatments starting at $90.00 for 50 minutes; this is an incredible deal considering this is a five star spa with some of the best therapists in the industry. There is a beautiful full service salon and a spa boutique.

I recently went to the spa for a 50 minute massage; we arrived early to use the amenities and made a day of it. Valet is free, you can use the fitness area, trust me I can go on and on! Check out the specials and the website for more details.

Pelican Hill Mid-Week Specials


I have been using the Moroccan Oil for a while now and wanted to try another product in the line. I tried the hydrating mask for the first time and loved what it did for my hair. I used it in the shower and it did wonders- leaving my hair very soft. This is really meant for a dry, frizzy hair type (it would be too heavy for the fine and oily hair types). You can even combine a little of the Oil for extra hydration.


Check out the other products as well, everything I have tried is effective and pretty amazing. You can check out MOROCCANOIL on Luxury Parlor, they are having a sale on the line right now:



My Secret Weapon

They call it a cult classic and if you have ever worked in the cosmetic counter in any department store you probably use Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant. It is one of my favorite products and I will never use anything else. This deodorant may be a little pricy but lasts 3 times longer than any grocery store stick and works 10 times better. It is amazing for razor burn (can be used directly on the bikini line), a great antiperspirant with a subtle fragrance. Check out Nordstrom’s for sales on this item, I always buy a few when they go on sale- like now!

What’s up Doc?


I started juicing vegetables when I became pregnant and carrot juice was my favorite. And after the baby came and the juicer started to collect dust, carrot sticks became my go to snack-I love the health benefits that go along with them. Because of the high content of Vitamin A in carrots, eating them can help with cellular repair. Vitamin A is also anti-inflammatory which is great for acne and redness in the skin. Carrot juice is also really energizing and helped me survive mornings without caffeine during my pregnancy!

These skin care benefits can also be achieved through using topical Vitamin A, so try products that uses carrot extract or carrot oils. I like YES to Carrots Hydrating Shower Gel containing organic carrots. It is paraben-free and very hydrating. Just another example of how you can receive great benefits for your skin through healthy eating!