Work it Baby!

There are a few things to consider whilst at the gym when it comes to your skin. It is something I am very conscience of so that I make sure the only thing I am leaving the gym with is firmer thighs and not a skin disease.

Always wipe down your equipment. Let’s face it; the people working in the gym can not possibly clean each machine every time someone gets off. There is nothing more disgusting than sitting in a pool of someone else’s sweat. Sit down on your towel, try to touch the equipment as little as possible and wear work-out gloves.

Use an antibacterial spray on your hands when you can’t make it to the sink. I love the Visionary Cleanser by Spa Ritual, it smells great, is paraben-free and you can even spray it on your yoga mat.

Never walk barefoot in the gym. I know what you are thinking-Duh Jessica. Well, I see people in the locker room doing it all the time, especially in the showers. Great way to contract fungus on your feet!

Another complaint I hear about the gym and working out in general is break-outs.

• Skip the foundation make-up. I know this may be a challenge for those of you who go to the gym for social hour because you want to look your best. If you are really going to sweat it up, the worst thing for pore blockage is a foundation or powder all over your face. Just try using mascara and lip gloss and you can get the rosy glow after an hour of spin class!

• Tone your skin. Throw your favorite toner in your gym bag and wipe down at least until you can get home and shower properly. This will help prevent clogged pores as well. (No touching your face with your hands either!)

• Sun Protection if working out outdoors. This is a given and no explanation required. Wear your hat; it’s easy to sweat off any SPF even if it says water/sweat resistance.

Now go have fun up in the gym working on your fitness.

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