Pucker Potion

One skin care problem I see more than any other in the treatment room is dry lips. It is uncomfortable and really unattractive! I always recommend applying a highly moisturizing lip product throughout the day; you can not over apply in this instance so go to town.

I found a lip gloss that I love: By Terry Lip-Expert. It is a high shine gloss and also great when you want more than just a pretty color. It contains micro-peptides (making it a great lip plumper) and terrific moisturizing ingredients. Although high shine, it is not sticky and the tube applicator makes it easy to apply.

This is a great product when you want a beautiful shine, plump lips and plenty of moisture. Try ‘Freaky Pink’ for a fun summer color.

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  1. Sounds great..Almost out of gloss so look forward to trying something that is not sticky which is always a negative when using lip gloss..Thanks again Jessica for all your great info!!!

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