When looking for an eye crème/gel ask yourself what is your main concern around the eye area? Are you dehydrated and suffering from puffiness or do you have fine lines? Make sure you ask what the benefits are; many eye crèmes have multiple functions so you do not have to buy multiple eye crèmes. Texture is also important; do you prefer a thicker crème or a lightweight gel? There is an eye crème for every budget, find what works for you.

Now that you have your eye product I have listed simple tips to guide you through how you should use it!

  • Use a pea sized amount of product for both eyes-This is an instance where more is not better. This area is prone to clogging so you want to apply the recommended amount. The more you use the faster the results? Sorry, not quite! Whatever product is left you can apply to lip area where we also get fine lines.
  • Apply product with your ring finger-Because the eye area is the most delicate area on the face being rough with application is not a good idea. We apply with our ring finger because it has a lighter touch and also use a patting motion to help penetrate the product-no rubbing please!
  • Dot, dot, dot-When using your eye cream circle the entire ocular bone. Fine lines and dehydration happen all around the eye area, not just under the eye. Gently pat the eye area in a circle feeling the bone as your guide. The eye area will pull the product it needs with heat and leaves the rest so do not worry about getting too close. That can lead to clogging (see point #1) As a general rule of thumb do not apply to the eye lid.
  • Put eye crème in the refrigerator-Just a fun tip. Cooling for hot summer days, and helps relive tired, puffy eyes. (Great for late nights out!)

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