Facial 101

Let’s get back to skin care basics! I know that skin care treatments are the first luxury to go for many when on a tight budget. I have created a simple regimen for an at home spa experience…don’t forget the candles and spa music! Follow these simple steps for an at home facial:

1. Cleanse your skin. Most important step in the process! One thing most people do not realize is that they need to wash their skin for 30 seconds to one minute to really remove impurities. *Use your Clarisonic Brush if you have it.

2. Tone. Take your cotton pads soaked in toner and apply to skin (when I mention the skin I am referring to the face, neck and décolleté.) I love a toner that has a nice pump so you can mist your face as well as onto the cotton pads- very spa!

3. Exfoliate. Choose a product appropriate for your skin and use it as directed. This is great for removing dead skin and getting the glow back. After removing the product, try misting the toner again if it is a gentle and hydrating toner.

4. Mask. The product you choose for this step is truly based on what type of skin you have. A dry skin will apply a nourishing and hydrating mask while an oily skin will apply an oil absorbing and acne fighting product such as a clay based mask. This step usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes (a good time to ask a loved one for a foot massage!).

5. Finishing Products. When applying creams and serums a great rule of thumb is apply in order of lightest weight to heaviest. I would start with your lightweight serums and eye creams, to the moisturizer.

Enjoy taking the time to relax. You will be so happy you did and your skin will thank you!

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